Round 3 AMA National Sidecar MX- Results


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Round 3 AMA National Sidecar MX- Results

Post by Thorina » Sat Aug 25, 2007 3:41 pm

Sunday, August 20, Gorman, CA. In conjunction with Round 7 of the SoCal AMA Summer MX series.

There were 4 teams in attendence.
#7 Chris Johnson and Randy Langosh on an EML/Honda
#18 Brian Evans and Ty McCain on an EML/Kawi
#55 Kyle Lindley and Scott Burton on an EML/Honda
#1 Morgan Pierce and Janette Player on an EML/Kawi

This was the third race for the #18 team and the very first race for the brand new #55 team. Literally, Morgan and I took the #55 team out Friday afternoon and showed them the ropes, then loaded up and left for the race early Satuday afternoon. Nothing like a trial by fire to welcome a team into the wonderful world of sidecar motocross!

The 4 teams started on the first gate with the expert quads. It would have been a bit intimidating to sidecar racers that aren't used to racing with quads, as it was a full gate. By the third turn, the expert quads were gone and nothing left behind except some dirt kicked in our faces.

In the first moto Morgan and I took the lead and kept it for the duration.
The #7 team and #18 team battled for position, the #7 team taking the second by the checkered flag. The #55 did very well, no major upsets.

The second moto was nearly a repeat of the first, but the #18 won the battle over the #7 team. After some pointers from long time passanger Paul Stimpson, the #55 passanger had a much better second moto. Paul is a Rover and was flagging the race. It was VERY uplifting to the #55 team to have Paul giving "breathe!" and "relax" pantomime during the second moto. (Thanks Paul! ;-) )

Final results:

1st- Pierce/Player 1-1
2nd- Evans/McCain 3-2
3rd- Johnson/Langosh 2-3
4th- Lindley/Burton 4-4

The next scheduled National is September 15 in Albuquerque, N.M in conjunction with the AHRMA Post Vintage National at Sandia Speedway.

I know there is a bunch of Arizona area sidecar rigs/racers. It's in a couple weeks. Pull the tarp off and polish her up and come on out and race in New Mexico. :-D


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