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UPDATE 2021 FIM Sidecar Motocross calendar - 25 August

Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2021 10:54 am
updated 25 August 2021
Oss round postponed

With great sadness we have to announce that FIM, WSC together with local organizers and KNMV are forced to postpone GP Oss from 18-19 of September to 16-17 October due to local restrictions.
See updated calendar below:
updated 22 July 2021
German round cancelled, Estonia postponed
Despite the best efforts of all parties involved, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions have obliged the FIM, the Championship Promoter APO Multimedia, the local organisers, the German & Estonian Federations to make the following changes to the 2021 calendar:

• Cancellation of the German round which was set to take place in Rudersberg on 25-26 September. All parties are already working to schedule the FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship in Rudersberg in 2022.
• The Estonian event originally scheduled in Lange Motokeskus on 14-15 August will now take place on 25-26 September.

The FIM would like to thank the promoter, the federations and local organisers for their hard work and efforts in these difficult times.

Revised 2021 calendar:
Date FMNR Venue Country
21/22 August ACCR Jinin Czech Republic
18/19 September KNMV Oss The Netherlands
25/26 September EMF Lange Motokeskus Estonia
09/10 October ACCR Kramolin Czech Republic

updated 25 June 2021

It is with great regret and disappointment that WSC must announce the cancellation of two of the most prestigious 2021 GP’s due to the uncertainty of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The opening race planned for the 1st August in Strassbessenbach Germany, along with the popular Swiss event in Roggenburg on 29th August have become victims of the constantly changing legislation between countries.
Both sets of organisers cite the uncertainty in the rules, regulations, and testing procedures required before any public event can take place. As we have said before, the sport of Sidecar Motocross is dependent on crowd attendance, and that is by no means guaranteed at this stage. They are therefore abandoning all plans to run GP’s this year but are very keen to be involved again when the situation stabilises.
The Championship now consists of five rounds with the updated schedule attached.

updated 21 May 2021
Due to the impact of the ongoing Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the FIM, the Championship Promoter APO Multimedia, the local organizer and, the Estonian Motorcycling Federation (EMF) have been forced to postpone the event in Lange Motokeskus to 15 August.

The FIM would like to thank the promoter, EMF and the local organisers for their hard work and efforts in maintaining the event on the calendar.

updated 19 April 2021

Due to the restrictions and uncertainty related to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the FIM, the Promoter APO Multimedia, the French Motorcycle Federation (FFM) and the local organiser regret to announce that the French event initially scheduled for Iffendic on July 11 is cancelled.

Together with the FIM, the Promoter APO Multimedia, the French Motorcycle Federation (FFM) and the local organiser we did try to postpone the event to an date later in the season, but there was no possibility to reschedule the event.

All parties are already working to schedule the FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship in Iffendic in 2022.


updated 24 March 2021

WSC suffers calendar disruption to early rounds.

The ravages of the COVID pandemic continue to be felt across the sporting world far longer than the experts predicted, or any of us could possibly have imagined.
Since our last update, WSC, the FIM and all circuit organisers involved in the 2021 season have been busily working towards fulfilment of the schedule.
Whilst in many countries the COVID vaccine programme is well advanced, and the situation is certainly looking much brighter, there are differences across Europe in the speed of the roll-out. Add to this the lead-time needed to determine the effectiveness of the various programmes, and the inevitable delays in granting permission for large gatherings, and our early rounds were always going to be vulnerable.
It is therefore with a heavy heart, but a sense of inevitability that we announce the cancellation of four rounds, and the postponement of one other. Most countries are of the opinion that the situation will be vastly improved by the summer months, and the deletions from our calendar reflect that universal feeling.

Those major sporting events such as Premier League football, Formula One, MotoGP and other so called “Elite Sports” can still operate behind closed doors. They are not dependant on spectator revenue due to the enormous sums they command from TV and advertising rights.
The same is not true of our sport, but we are still hugely optimistic that we can deliver a meaningful season, and we urge our loyal fans and team members to keep the faith and work towards getting our year back on track at the earliest opportunity.

To that end, the opening four rounds are affected with the cancellation of Bucha (Ukraine), Brou (France), and Markelo (Netherlands). Round three in Kramolin (Czech) has been rescheduled later in the season over the weekend 10-11th October.
One other cancellation is the Slovenian round at Orehova Vas originally booked for September 4-5th.

All of us here at WSC are saddened by this announcement, but at the same time have an increased resolve and determination to make 2021 the year the sport we all love burst back into life like never before. The light at the end of this long dark tunnel is burning brighter and the wheels WILL turn soon.
Stay safe WSC friends, we’ll be together soon.

From Barry Nutley


The Sidecarcross and Quadcross of Nations will be held in Dardon Gueugnon, France on Oct. 2/3 2021
SMXoN Dardon.jpg ... quad-2021/