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Classic/Vintage Sidecars Forum

Post by abueeler »

I would find it worthwile to have a classic/vintage sidecars forum where we could share all kind of information about vintage sidecar motocross racing (race schedules, technical information/help, where to find spare parts etc. etc.).

If there are enough people interested in such a forum, I would make a request fo Rien & Scott to add one.

Please give your opinion on this.

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Post by Scott »

I told Armin that we need a few people to post messages here in this thread before we make a new "Classic/Vintage" forum. If there is nobody interested in Classic/Vintage sidecars, then we will not make a new forum for them. So, if you would like to have a new forum added, please show it by posting a message here.

Classic Vintage sidecar-site


:-P Scott Sidecarnutter from oz would really appreciate such a forum
Al Wenzel
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Classic & Vintage Sidecar MX

Post by Al Wenzel »

I like the idea of a classic & vintage discussion thread on Scott's site.

There are plenty of people still interested in the old Wasp and EML Fourstrokes. Just look at the classic Sidecar MX movements in OZ, Europe and England.

That could be a very good thread! With an International flavor....because you don't have to be from a certain country to like old sidecars, share old pictures or want to tell old stories.

Hmmmm, very good idea there.

Sidecar MX is the ultimate Team Sport...
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Post by morris »

I, as a rider of vintage sidecar, would also be very interested in such forum.
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John Wolverson
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Vintage forum

Post by John Wolverson »

Although I no longer race, I still take a great interest in the vintage sidecar scene from Australia, England, and America.
It would be a marvellous idea!!!

John Wolverson 1970 I.M.B.A sidecar champion
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Post by twinshock-chairs »

try visiting
loads of twinshock sidecar info, pics, race dates, gosip, etc, there is also a twinshock-chairs forum there,
also try visiting wasp motorcycles web site at.
thanks .
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Re: Classic/Vintage Sidecars Forum

Post by guylaserena »

I am a french guy interested in old bikes restoration and I bought some months ago a gearbox for a BSA gold Star.
Unfortunately, the gearbox I received is strange: no kick starter nor speedo drive, Norton mainshaft.
Some people told me this gearbox was spcially made for a racing sidecar owner Chris VINCENT.
Have somebody some coments or interest about such gearbox?Image




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